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We are your local gardening society which was started in 1927. Today we have about 90 members. The subscription is £3 per year. We are affiliated to The Royal Horticultural Society and The Hampshire Federation of Horticultural Societies.


Our calendar of events:


Spring Show. Held on a Saturday in early April in The Portal Hall. Classes for daffodils, spring flowers and flower arranging.


Summer Flower Show. Traditional village show held on a Saturday in early August in The Portal Hall. Classes for vegetables, flowers, fruit, flower arranging, cookery, craft, art, photography and children’s exhibits.


Autumn Show and AGM. Held in late September/early October on a Friday evening in The Portal Hall. Small show of veg, flowers, fruit and flower arranging.


A Coach Outing during summer months.


Talks on gardening or related subjects held in November, January, February and March on the third Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm in the Club Room at The Portal Hall.


Christmas Party in Newtown Village Hall held on a Saturday evening in December.


The dates and further information about these events are published in News from the Villages.


New members are very welcome.

To join contact Liz Ellis on 01635 278 844 or come to one of our events.



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As many of you know the village website suffered an attack which left it out of action. This has now been rectified and the new village website will be here soon. Please bear with us whilst we work on the content. If you need further information you can contact Bob Hills at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.