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It is important to remember that if you need instant police attendance, you should ring 999. if you wish to report a non-emergency crime

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will immediately get your incident onto police records and they will be able to give you an incident number for your insurance.

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Hampshire Constabulary

Monthly Beat Newsletter



March 2017



Ashmansworth, East Woodhay, Highclere, Burghclere, Newtown, Litchfield, Ecchinswell & Sydmonton and St Mary Bourne & Stoke.


Please find below the latest news summary of some of the crime which has occurred in the above areas over the past month. In the month of March there have been 12 incidents which have been classified as crimes by the home office.


Burglaries (1)


We have had 0 dwelling burglary and 1 Non-Dwelling burglaries reported this month. Let’s ensure we keep our property well secured especially as the festive season is now upon us!


-       Ecchinswell, offenders unknown have forced entry into a garden shed and stolen electrical garden equipment and clothing


Please keep this information in mind whilst protecting your premises/property:


-       Use timer switches (available from most D.I.Y stores) to switch on lights, radios while you are away from the home to make it look and sound occupied.

-       Ensure you shut and lock windows and doors when you return home and settle down for the evening.

-       Ensure you have used padlocks on the side gates to deny access to the rear of the property.

-       Ensure your outside lighting is in working order (consider low level ambient light on a dusk to dawn sensor) this will activate even when you are not at home.

Also remain vigilant, if you see any suspicious vehicles in the area please get the details and report via 101. You may consider this a waste of time but all intel we can gather will help us see who’s in the area and build a better picture of any potential threats.





Criminal Damage (3)


-       Burghclere, informant has reported damage to 2 front windows of their property by persons unknown.

-       Penwood Car Park, whilst owner of the vehicle has been out running they have had the side window of their car smashed and car searched.

-       Bishops Green, Informant has reported that offender(s) unknown have keyed down the side of their vehicle.


Please consider installing CCTV to protect your property.


Theft (2)


-       Penwood, aggrieved has reported the theft of a parcel delivered to another property, now resolved

-       St Mary Bourne, person(s) unknown have entered the front garden of the aggrieved property and removed the name plaque for the house without permission.


Theft from Vehicle (1)


-       Hare Warren, aggrieved vehicle has been broken into the lock vehicle and stolen clothing and used debit cards. Investigations ongoing


Assault (1)


-       Clere School, one pupil has been assaulted by another. School have dealt with this internally.


Suspicious Incidents (2)


-       Stoke, Aggrieved has reported that a chain leading onto their farm land has been cut. Nothing taken but possible access for poaching or searching of out barns at later date.

-       Penwood, Aggrieved has reported that an air rifle has discharged a pellet that has damaged the canvas on their child’s trampoline


Making off without Payment (2)


-       Tot Hill Services, vehicle made off without paying for £70 worth of fuel. Vehicle details captured and offender in the process of being dealt with.

-       Tot Hill Services, offender filled a jerry can with £11 worth of fuel before leaving making no attempt to pay. Vehicle details captured and offender being dealt with.






Is summer finally here…..we can but hope!


After last week’s report in regards to extra patrols to combat antisocial behaviour in beauty spot car parks I’m pleased to report that these patrols have been quite successful. Calls of this nature have been extremely low and offending individuals have been spoken to and dealt with accordingly. The patrols have been all about educating people and I think the message is getting across.


I’ve had a few calls this month in relation to door to door salespersons becoming aggressive when goods are not being purchased. We have clamped down hard on these people so please continue to call it in if you see or feel threatened by them. We have the power to confiscate there items and fine them heavily if they don’t possess the correct peddlers licence. Should you require a “No Items bought at the door” sticker please let me know and ill pop one through the letterbox.


Please report any suspicious people, vehicles or activity to the Police via 101 or to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Please call 101 if you see or hear any form of anti-social behaviour in your area. If you feel you are in immediate danger, always call 999.


Kind regards, PCSO 15934 Damon Hope

Neighbourhood Policing Team


If you would like to get in touch with me, I can be contacted on the email address found below. Please DO NOT report crimes to us via email.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.