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January 2019



Please see the latest news summary of some of the occurrences for January 2019.

The current local community policing priorities for Rural West are:-


·         Theft From Motor Vehicle

·         Criminal Damage


Incidents reported between 1st January and 31st January 2019 which now covers the whole of Rural West -


21 - Suspicious incidents - (from suspicious people to vehicles).

17 Assault. (not necessarily physical, between partners)

3 - Criminal damage

11 - Road traffic incidents/driving complaints

16 - Anti-social behaviour incidents (environmental, between people known to each other, vehicle, groups of youths) 

0 – Public order

12 – Non dwelling breaks (shed, garage, business)

1 – Dwelling break (home/residential)

2 – Theft from vehicle

2 – Drugs

7 - Theft

2 – Theft of vehicle


Theft From Motor Vehicle –


Sometime between 23/01/2019 and 25/01/2019 – Winchester Road, Burghclere, Unknown offender/s have stolen the front and rear number plates from a vehicle.


On 21/01/2019 between 02.20 and 08.00 hours – Picket Piece, Unknown offender/s have stolen a GPS receiver form a tractor. 


Criminal Damage -


On 04/01/2019 at 00.47 hours – Huntsmoor Road, Tadley, Reporting that an unknown person has thrown a stone through their living room window.


Sometime overnight of 04/01/2019 into 05/01/2019 – Wildwood drive, Baughurst, Reporting that an unknown person has caused damage to their vehicle by smashing off the wing mirror.


On the 07/01/2019 between 08.05 and 08.15 hours – Tot Hill Services, Burghclere, An unknown person has caused damage to a vehicle by keying one side of the body work while it was parked up in a car park.


Reporting Suspicious Incidents


The suspicious incident can be anything from a person to a vehicle, something which you would look at and think to yourself, that does not seem right.


Suspicious person – Try and obtain as much details around what that person looks like with emphasis on any distinguishing features.


Suspicious vehicleFirstly try and obtain the vehicles registration (number plate) then colour, make and model. If you have a person sat in a vehicle, the same should apply. Firstly registration number, colour, make, model then the description of the person. It is surprising how many people do miss out the registration number, but they can give a full description of the driver/passenger. 

A description of a person may match quite a number of people, but the registration number should only come back to one vehicle.

 If you see any suspicious incidents involving persons, vehicles please report it either via the non-emergency 101 number for Hampshire Police or the 999’s if an emergency.


Other news


Between 1st December and the 31st December 4 drivers were arrested for drink drive offences in the rural area, also 4 vehicles were seized from the road side.


4 vehicles seized for no insurance.


Over the last couple of weeks there has been various reports of vehicles involved in scrap metal thefts in the area. Some of the reports have come from local residents living in the Rural West area, also reports coming in from West Berkshire.


28/01/2019 a white Ford Transit MA57 *** was sighted in the Kingsclere area helping themselves to metal from front gardens. The vehicle was sighted in other parts of Rural West, also sighted across the border in West Berkshire.


22/01/2019 a Silver Ford Transit OU09 *** was sighted in the Binley area touting for scrap metal.


Action Fraud


04/02/2019 – A local resident called police stating that they received a call from a male claiming to be a Detective Constable from the Metropolitan Police. The unknown person on the phone stated that they had a relative of theirs in custody for a high value fraud from their bank account. When the name was given to the resident they confirmed that he was NOT a relative. The person on the phone then went onto ask the resident to attend their bank to withdraw £5k. The resident realised this was not a genuine call and the call was ended.





You can also contact Action Fraud via the link


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MAY 2019